Dr. Philipp Wimmer

Specialist in ear, nose and throat diseases

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About me

After graduating from the Benedictine Schottengymnasium in Vienna, I began studying human medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, which I successfully completed in 2014. During my studies, I was active in the Austrian Students’ Union, among other things as deputy chairman, full member of the senate at the Medical University of Vienna and executive chairman of the Austrian Medical Union.

Following my studies, I worked as a resident doctor at the St. Josef Hospital in Vienna and at the Lorenz Böhler Accident Hospital in Vienna. I then completed my specialist training at the clinical department for ear, nose and throat medicine at the University Hospital St. Pölten, where I also worked as a senior physician.

The ENT department at the University Hospital St. Pölten is one of the largest in Austria and offers maximum care in all surgical and conservative services of the entire ENT medicine. In addition to clinical experience, the surgical experience with more than 800 operations I have performed myself in connection with my work at the University Hospital St. Pölten should be mentioned.

In addition to my work in the clinic, I am also the chairman of the association “Young doctors in Austria” and work as a lecturer at the Medical Training and Further Education Center Vienna (MAWZ Vienna), at the largest career fair for health professions  in Austria, the career days and at the fair all about setting up your own practice for doctors.

In my practice, I offer the entire spectrum of ENT medicine for children, adolescents and adults. I look forward to your visit!

What is a Wahlarzt” (doctor of choice)? How is the billing done?

A doctor of choice does not have a contract with the statutory health insurance companies. The term “choice doctor” is derived from the patient’s right to choose his doctor freely. Patients of private doctors are therefore private patients. The patient receives a fee note on which all services are listed. If you wish, I will be happy to submit the fee note to your health insurance company.

  • Pleasant ambience and a friendly service team, I take my time for you!
  • Payment by bank card or credit card (V PAY, Mastercard or VISA)
  • High quality medical equipment

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