Children’s ENT

The treatment of ENT diseases in children is an important focus in my practice. I offer the essential diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the treatment of ENT diseases in children.


My offer for children

One focus of my practice is ear, nose and throat medicine for children. Me and the healthy team always strive to create a child-friendly atmosphere.


The investigation begins by asking for potentially medically relevant information.


This is followed by a further physical examination of the child using special children’s instruments.


Treatment ends with the initiation of specific therapy for the child.

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Common treatments and complaints in childhood

Children come to my ENT practice mainly for the following reasons.

Checking the sensory function of hearing

Out of 1,000 children, 2-3 are born with a hearing impairment that requires treatment. If a hearing impairment goes undetected for months or even years, this can have a negative impact on the entire development.

Treatment of acute infections

Acute infections are usually a heavy burden for children. Rapid presentation combined with adequate pain relief is important here.

Treatment of chronic or recurrent infections

Chronic or frequently recurring infections, respiratory disorders and hearing disorders, e.g. accumulations of mucus in the middle ear (tympanic effusion) can be the reason for an operation. An early presentation to the ENT doctor is recommended.

Common diseases in childhood affecting the ears

Middle ear infections, middle ear effusion or tympanic effusion with hearing impairment or protruding ears.

Common diseases in childhood affecting the nose

Colds, allergies and sinus infections.

Common diseases in childhood affecting the throat and neck

Inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis), childhood polyps (adenoids) with snoring and restless sleep and shortened frenum of the tongue.

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